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Trimming those pesky threads!

Your quilt top is done, but what about all those threads?

It's finally finished and your quilt top is ready to be quilted, or is it? You will want to trim all those loose threads. There isn't an easy or fast way to complete this task. You'll feel like this step takes longer than actually piecing the quilt top.

Clipping the stray threads or unraveling fabric is one of those tasks that takes longer to initiate the process than to complete the step. I break the top into sections and try to complete a row or two at each session. That keeps the time to a small manageable time increment plus any strain on your lower back . I keep a small tray to easily collect the thread and mark my progress on the quilt top.

This prevents dark threads from shadowing through your quilt top. It's impossible get them all. Just focus on the longer ones to make your finished top look its best!

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