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Quilting Services

Quilting Services

Maximum Quilting Length = 110 inches

Edge to Edge Quilting 


Price Per Square Inch
Width (Inch)  x  Length (Inch)  x  0.02  =  Quilting Fee

Complex Edge to Edge Patterns 


Price Per Square Inch
Width (Inch)  x  Length (Inch)  x  0.025  =  Complex Quilting Fee
Edge to Edge Example for a 60 x 80 inch quilt top:  60 x 80 = 4800 x .02 = $96.00
Minimum Charge - $50.00

Custom Quilting 

Contact for more Information

Thread Charge


Price Per Service
Premo-Soft / Glide / Magna-Core Classic Bobbins

Trimming Excess

No Charge

Removing excess batting and backing

Batting / Backing



Price Per Linear Inch
Price Per Linear Inch

Quilters Dream Batting 

White 80/20 Select - Midloft
White Cotton Select - Midloft
 Length (Inches)  x  Batting Preference per Linear Inch  =  Batting Fee
 80/20 Blend Batting Example for a 60 x 80 inch quilt top:   70 x .40 = $28.00
 100% Cotton Batting Example for a 60 x 80 inch quilt top:   70 x .45 = $31.50

Batting is charged by the linear inch from queen rolls of batting except in the case of special orders (requested batting/size ordered for your quilt top).

Provide Your Own Batting 

Please provide a quality batting which measures a minimum of 10 inches to length and width.

Quilt Backing 

  • Square up quilt backing
  • Provide a minimum of 10 inches to length and width
  • Press quilt backing and remove any loose threads
  • Remove selvages on quilt backing
  • Mark top of backing

Pieced Quilt Backing 

  • For best results, horizontal seam placement is recommended.
  • Pieced backing may not be centered on quilt top due to loading process.
  • Sewing pieced backing per seam ($15)
Additional Services

Additional Services

Square-Up Final Quilt


Price Per Service
Service includes Squaring up the Quilt and Serging Edges

Binding Services (includes Square-Up/Serged Edges)

Attach Binding
Attach & Machine Apply Binding 



Price Per Linear Inch
Price Per Linear Inch
Quilt Circumference = 2 x  (Length Inches  +  Width Inches)
 Quilt Circumference  x  Binding Preference Price per Linear Inch  =  Binding Fee

Shipping Services

Shipping/Handling Fee
Shipping USPS/UPS


Price Per Service

Actual Cost of Shipping/Insurance

Quilted Chihuahua is located in Lincoln, Nebraska, USA, and would be happy to receive your quilt top and other materials by mail.  In a hard sided cardboard box, please secure your quilt top and or batting within a plastic bag to protect against possible moisture during transit.  The box should be securely taped and labeled clearly. 

Your quilt will be returned in the same manner described above via USPS Priority mail (using flat rate when possible/economical).  USPS Priority mail comes with $50 of insurance and a tracking number.  Please indicate on the intake form if you would like to add any additional insurance.  It's a great and reasonable way to insure your valuables against loss or damage while with the Postal Service, but that is totally up to the individual.


I'm not a professional photographer, but upon completion of the quilting, I will take photos of your quilt in my studio and then text/email you those images to use however you would like.
This extra service is included in your square inch price.  I'd just ask that you credit me for the photo and/or quilting if posting publicly.

Miscellaneous Extra Services

Evaluated and discussed on a case-by case basis
  • Removing excessive wrinkles or creases if needed (light pressing of shipped service is no charge)
  • Securing quilt seams if needed
  • Minor repairs 
  • Managing wavy quilt borders
  • Piece quilt backing if requested

Quilt Preparation

Quilt Preparation

Quilt Top 

  • Please press your top and backing so your quilt will load smoothly onto the frame.

  • Please also clip stray threads or raveling fabrics as best as you can.


This prevents dark threads from shadowing through your quilt top.  It's impossible to get them all; however, please get what you can to make your finished top look its best!

Let's work together and finish those tops!
Prices subject to change:  Revised Feb 2022

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