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"My objective in this journey is personal growth by increasing my knowledge and skills to create beautiful quilts."

Hi, I'm Tom!   I started quilting at the beginning of the pandemic and immediately got hooked!  I enjoy all aspects of quilting including fabric selection, piecing, quilting and yes, even binding (it's what makes the top a "quilt").   I particularly like that feeling of validation when all the points match perfectly in your block. 

After crawling around the floor pinning a couple of quilt tops, I quickly realized that a longarm machine was in my future.  Finding the right pantograph to deliver the perfect texture on a quilt is a very rewarding.


I do want to thank my favorite YouTubers for all their knowledge shared so I could master the art of of quilting 

As a quilter, I enjoy selecting quilting design to match your quilt top.  My personal aesthetic leans toward modern-looking, often geometric, and abstract quilting designs.  I also match the density of the quilting for that lovely texture.  

If I can be of any help with your project, please reach out.  
Another "thing" (I don't like the word hobby), I've enjoyed over the past 30 years has been showing dogs, hence the name Quilted Chihuahua.  

The sport fits in well with being "somewhat" of a perfectionist.  I enjoy grooming and presenting the dog to its best potential each time in the show ring.  I especially like the training aspect and building the relationship/bond with the dog.  

I have worked over 40 years at a pharmaceutical and biological vaccine animal health site in the Quality Operations department.   I know quilting will be a great way to help fill up "life after retirement". 
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