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Quilt Labels

I decided to create a quilt label and use the embroidery module that came with one of my machines. There are so many examples on the internet, but I narrowed it down to one. I can create a minimalistic design as a tab and include it to the back of the quilt before the binding is attached.

I will say that mastering embroidery is quite the process. There's a plethora of interfacing options including fusible, tear-away and even some that dissolve with water. Not to mention light, medium and heavy weight varieties. Depending on your fabric, your project may require multiple layers of interfacing.

I decided to make multiple labels once I had success with ONE label (after multiple tries and rewatching videos), I decided to keep that unit humming and crank out multiple labels. I take a guess and create labels for however many projects I might complete in that year. One never knows if I'll master all of this again the next time I need to create more!

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